Surface and groundwater systems are an essential part of modern infrastructure. They enable fresh drinking water for communities and livestock, wastewater management and recreational opportunities, and support a wide range of industrial uses, including manufacturing and processing, irrigation, and the generation of hydropower.

Habitats for many plants and animal species, their conservation and protection is critical for balancing ecological systems.

Essential hydrometric insights.
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A single hosted solution enabling water resource professionals to collect, store, analyse and share accurate water insights across the whole hydrometric data management lifecycle

All your water data in one place

Access and manage all your water data sources in one easy to use platform.

Manage your monitoring hardware

Control, configure and update your monitoring hardware assets within eagle.io.

Your interfaces, your way

Easily configure the interfaces of leading hydrometric data loggers.

Share water quality in real-time

Instantly communicate with stakeholders through customised public dashboards.

Enhance understanding

View hydrometric data alongside insights from other sources, such as meteorology.

Build trust

Make decisions with confidence, with visualisations and data quality tools adapted for hydrometric use.

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Works seamlessly with leading water monitoring hardware

Case Study –
Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Statewide monitoring of water quality and calculation of real-time nutrient loads to inform state water quality policy.

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