Case Studies

Customers all over the world love our solution. Here are some of their success stories.

Coal Seam Gas

Prospect Group

Operational monitoring of Shell CSG treatment ponds in Roma, Australia. " runs in the cloud and provides rock solid service, that means no IT headaches and allows us to focus on our core business"

Nathan Poy, General Manager

Water Treatment


Monitoring of stormwater treatment device performance and discharge monitoring for local councils and Tier 1 contractors. " technology is brilliant... this platform saves us and our clients a lot of time and expense."

Butch Uechtritz, CEO



Water quality monitoring of floating sea cages for the largest plate salmon farmer in the world. "We’ve tried to achieve these outcomes with products produced by other large software companies... presently, they simply can’t"

Brian Boothe, Engineering Manager

Water Monitoring

University of Queensland

Faster, safer, easier - UQ pushes water monitoring boundaries with robotics, IoT "Our favourite feature is the fact that the map can be dynamically updated. Our latitude and longitude streams are fed straight into your map interface. And it all updates dynamically in real-time."

Simon Albert, Research Fellow


Edaphic Scientific

IoT monitoring of sap flow sensors, dendrometers and canopy temperature sensors, for the winemaking industry. “My favourite component of is the processing feature. This gives me the ability to change or add virtual variables, often with complex equations, as needed.”

Michael Forster, Director, Edaphic Scientific


ICT International

Real-time monitoring of soil moisture and micro climate conditions to detect plant stress and achieve yield optimisation. ‍ "Cloud-based, with an intuitive interface and great online documentation, was very quick and easy to set up for our clients."

Sam Fisher, Environmental Scientist, ICT International

Met Ocean Monitoring


Remote compliance quality monitoring in oceans, rivers man-made structures for dredging and port construction works. ‍ " is the solution we were looking for. It saved us time, money, and reputational value."

Brad Grant, Principal Scientist

Water Quality Monitoring

Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Statewide monitoring of water quality and calculation of real-time nutrient loads to inform state water quality policy. " has freed up a one full-time equivalent person... allowing them to focus on higher value work."

Ryan Turner, Principal Scientist DES


Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

Automated notifications of flow based water availability to farmers across Queensland, Australia. "The ability to share and automate notifications to landholders has significantly reduced our workload"

Jackie Lee, Natural Resource Officer

Geotechnical and Structural

Specto Technology, Geotechnical & Structural monitoring consultancy

Specto Technology grew their practice using to monitor Sound, Air and Vibrations remote monitoring for clients. "We've grown a lot as a company over the years since we started using It's a result of appreciative customers."

Edmund Kirby, Founder and CEO