Make working with
ever-changing environments
second nature.

Our SaaS platform and seamless integration, make reliable environmental monitoring easy; unlocking understanding for confident decision making, so you can offer an extraordinary breadth of data-driven services to your clients.

Environmental intelligence.
Built for scientists, engineers and consultants.

Integrated with a network of sensors, our environmental intelligence SaaS platform unlocks knowledge to help scientists, engineers and consultants make the most of opportunities and protect what matters.

Hit the ground running

With no need for a developer, you’ll be able to easily deploy and integrate our platform with data assets.

Unlock opportunity

Customise our platform to meet specific needs and present insights and data visualisation in a way that works for you.

Protect what matters

From building your reputation, to safeguarding the assets of clients, we’ll help you protect what matters.

An intuitive platform that scales with you, without the need for a developer.


Easily connect data assets

With no license keys to manage, and available on any device, our cloud-based platform makes it easy to manage a portfolio of clients, projects and time-series data assets from one intuitive dashboard.


Transform data into visual insights

Transform raw data into valuable insights. Our streaming analytics and data visualisation tools make it easy to get a clear picture at a glance.


Share insights directly with your clients

Make it your own. Create custom dashboards and white-label the platform with your own branding to position yourself as the expert to clients.

Underpinned by our powerful API

Our flexible API enables you to integrate publicly available data sources from governments and organisations to enrich your monitoring programs, enhance your insights, and share data with your systems, databases and teams.

What we monitor


Quality, Flow, Levels, Storm, Ground, pH, Pressure, Turbidity, Particulates, Sediment & more


Wind, Rainfall, Temperature, Precipitation, Conductivity & more

Air and Noise

Particulate Matter (PM10, PM2.5), Gas, Dust, Decibels (dBA), Vibration, Pressure, LAeq & more


Turbidity, Current, Wave, Tide, D.O., Depth, Salinity, Temperature & more

State of the industry report

Read our 2022 State of Environmental Monitoring report,
our yearly exploration into the environmental monitoring industry.

Case Study –
Specto Technology

Greater awareness creates opportunities to drive efficiencies and build value for Specto Technology. is trusted by the world’s best environmental scientists, engineers and consultants. at a glance





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